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Commercial and Residential Lawn Care

At Valentino Lawn Care in Warwick, NY we offer a wide array of commercial and residential landscaping services. From general lawn care and maintenance to specialty features, we can take care of any outdoor area you have--or help you create your vision.

Here you'll see some of the work we do, but if you have some ideas that aren't listed here, don't hesitate to call. We have done many different types of projects and are always up for a challenge! Whether you need snow removal, expert lawn care, or landscape revamping, we have you covered. We have over 20 years of experience. We are family owned and operated, and pride ourselves on the quality craftsmanship you expect from those caring for your outdoor spaces.



Maybe your landscaping needs simply involve someone tending to your flower beds, mowing your grass or watering your bushes. Or maybe you need someone to prune your trees. At Valentino Lawn Care in Warwick, we can't stress enough that no job is too large, too small, or too menial. We'll take care of whatever you need.

We also offer deals on regular lawn maintenance and residential landscaping. Sign up today!


Special Features

At Valentino Lawn Care in Warwick, we can turn everyday shrubs or hedges into works of art. We are able to create landscaping features that you'd swear were meant to be! In short, we work not only with our clients, but their existing property to bring out the best in it. Call us for a consultation, and you'll see the Valentino Lawn Care difference!

Have a specialty project you'd like to explore? We also install water features, stone retaining walls and many other outdoor features. Let us know what you'd like.


Snow Removal

We care for residential landscaping in the winter as well. By offering our snow removal services, we can help you maintain your landscape design through all the seasons. We are always careful, using Bobcats or Exmark movers if the job calls on them. Rather than straining your back and arms shoveling snow, why not let us take care of you?

Call us today to set up your snowplowing and removal services for the winter months. Our estimates are always free!

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