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We offer consultation and design services for all landscaping projects. If you are looking for a landscaper who is professional and friendly, talk to one of the experts at Valentino Lawn Care in Warwick, NY. Our team is proud to serve the Warwick community and we have worked on many different projects in the area. We offer both design and installation services, and our prices are very reasonable.


Drop by and talk to one of our staff members about your project ideas. We always offer free estimates, and our owner is on every job - that means that there is no middleman.

From great stonework to incredible foliage beds, we can add just the right touch to your property. Whether you're looking for something that's purely aesthetic, or lawn services that are both aesthetic and functional, we can do it all. Call our Warwick, NY office at 845-986-2011 to learn what our landscapers can do for your property!

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We, the employees of Valentino Lawn Care, believe that each and every job, no matter the size, require the same commitment and outstanding service.We promise to be the most professional company by delivering quality service and exceptional craftsmanship. Whether residental or commercial we will stride for your complete satisfaction.


When you contract for a landscaper from Valentino Lawn Care in Warwick, you can expect to sit down with them to talk a bit about your project. After a complimentary consultation in our office, or an initial phone contact, we'll come to your property to make an on-site assessment. We'll explore our initial ideas with you and show you how exciting your landscape can be!


During the initial assessment, our owner will share ideas with you, discuss your vision, and seek your input on any and all elements of their preliminary design work. After all, it's your property, and we'll always ask for your input and ideas. Don't be afraid to suggest things - we always offer free estimates.  


We like to take a team approach to each and every project and work together with the home or business owner to make sure his or her vision is well represented in our landscape plan. Our owner is on every job, so you don't have to worry about middlemen making your project more complicated than it needs to be.


Once our landscape designer has done the initial groundwork, and completed all consultations with you, they'll begin the process of transforming your Warwick property into a whole new space. Rest assured that when our team is finished, your landscaping will be an outstanding addition to your property, whether residential or commercial!


Our on-site team has a great reputation for delivering work on time and on budget. A great combination!

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