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Spring 2019

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Day light savings time has occurred and the Spring Solstice is on the horizon in the coming week; all signs of warmer weather and sunny skies which await us! As we are preparing for the upcoming season with staff training and equipment readiness our skilled professional team of technicians are eager to continue providing exceptional service and craftmanship to all of our valued customers, whom many of you have been clients for numerous years.

Over the last several years Valentino Lawn Care has seen a solid increase of growth pertaining to our customer base. As we have grown, we are still committed to our number one goal of providing the highest and most professional service to deliver outstanding customer service. VLC continues each year to invest into varied of equipment and employees which all play a vital part in delivering our services.

As we have and continue to grow, we are thankful for all our new and long-term clients. With your continued support we look forward to being of service to you.

Happy Spring! The VLC Crew

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